A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)
is an investment and lending company.

MICs invest in mortgages.

Typically, a borrower might be someone who has significant equity in real estate but has a difficult time showing cash flow in a conventional manner.
Instead of borrowing from a bank, this type of borrower will pay a higher rate of interest in order to secure a mortgage from a MIC.

This type of lending has long existed, but investing in MICs has only recently opened up to retail investors.

How does Cambridge MIC work?

Profits are distributed each year to shareholders in the form of interest, which can be taken in cash or reinvested in new shares.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently there is no minimum amount required to invest in Cambridge MIC.

Returns are calculated and distributed quarterly. Each investment can be tailored to pay out cash, more shares, or a combination of both (ie. 50% cash/50% shares). An updated investor statement and letter from the President are included with each distribution. Cash payments are made by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Cambridge Mortgage Investment is an eligible investment for RRSPs, TFSAs and other various tax sheltered investments through certain designated trustees.

Currently Cambridge MIC does not have a system set up for small monthly contributions, however, we are considering implementing systems in the future to accommodate this.

The returns are taxed as ‘interest from Canadian sources’. T5s are issued at the end of each calendar year.

Currently, residents of BC can invest directly, and residents of other jurisdictions must use a registered dealer to flow through their investment. Cambridge is in the process of forming its own Exempt Market Dealer to allow for investors from all provinces to take advantage of this excellent investment opportunity.

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