Private Investors

Invest in a diversified pool of mortgages
secured by tangible assets.

Protect your capital while making a
consistent return on your investment.

Investments are RRSP/RRIF/TFSA eligible.

Investment Advisors

Add a real-estate component to
your clients’ investment mix.

Diversify your clients’ investment
portfolios while protecting their capital.

MICs are a great income-generating investment,
and are RRSP/RRIF/TFSA eligible.

Mortgage Brokers

Flexible lending guidelines allow us to
help you finance the most difficult deals.

Access competitive rates on private equity,
bridge or construction financing.

Customized mortgage financing solutions
for real estate in BC and Alberta.

Investment Philosophy

Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corporation offers individual and institutional investors with an opportunity to participate in the returns of a diversified pool of mortgage assets. Our key objective is the preservation of capital through careful risk management and strictly defined lending practices, so that we can safeguard our mortgage investments and consistently provide investors with superior returns.

Our focus is organic growth through a conservative and pragmatic approach to lending. We focus on providing consistent, long-term results to our shareholders. We do this by maintaining a diversified portfolio of mortgages with a low weighted average loan-to-value.

This means we have significant and tangible hard assets backing the investment.

Mortgage Options

Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corporation offers a host of equity based financing solutions to a wide range of customers in Western Canada. We rely on our network of efficient market participants and industry experts to identify the quality of the assets and underwrite deals relatively quickly.

We are able to provide your clients with customized mortgage option for most types of purchase and refinance requirements.

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