Why choose Cambridge MIC?

The success of a MIC predominantly depends on the experience, expertise and judgement of the investment managers. At Cambridge, you get a boutique operation with a seasoned team that have been together for 20 years, and bring with them decades of lending experience.
  • ExperienceWith an average of 20 years in the industry, our team has the knowledge and experience to create and structure conservative non-institutional mortgages while maintaining a diversified mortgage portfolio.
  • ApproachOur conservative approach maximizes returns for investors while mitigating downside risk.
  • Track RecordSince our inception in 2007, we have consistently outperformed comparable investments.

Portfolio Highlights

  • Diversified pool of mortgages.
  • Short portfolio duration allowing for limited interest rate risk.
  • First and second position mortgages, registered against desirable residential properties.
  • Low weighted average loan to value.
  • Listed on Fundserv (code: “CMC”)

Historic Returns

  • Consistent returns over an extended period of time.
  • Returns of greater than 7% per annum since inception.
  • Opportunity to hold a significant income producing asset with a short duration backed by tangible assets.

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An ideal fixed income investment option.

A steady return over an extended period of time has resulted in investors retaining their investments with us over long periods.
Our focus is to have organic growth through a conservative and pragmatic approach to lending. We seek out a conservative mix of mortgage investments that have excellent returns but limit our exposure to risk.


Growth of $10,000 invested at inception (2007):

Why should you add Cambridge
to your Clients’ Portfolio?

Top 3 reasons:

  • Enhance diversificationBy adding a fixed income product secured by Canadian real estate to client portfolios. Investment portfolios consisting of Cash equivalents, Common Stock, and Bonds can be diversified further by adding real estate related assets to the mix.
  • Proven track recordPast performance has shown that Cambridge MIC has similar or better returns to Equity indices, but with less volatility. As well, they have low correlation with corporate bond returns.
  • Choose a stable investment Investment in a pool of mortgages that are backed by something tangible and easy to understand – actual real-estate in Western Canada.

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