Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is an operation formed in 2007 with a hands-on team of professionals with experience spanning multiple decades in the mortgage and investment world.
Our focus is organic growth through a conservative and pragmatic approach to lending. We focus on providing consistent, long-term results to our shareholders. We do this by maintaining a diversified portfolio of mortgages with a low weighted average loan-to-value. This means we have significant and tangible hard assets backing the investment.
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Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corporation primarily distributes its Class B non-voting preferred shares through Cambridge Capital Management Corporation, which is an exempt market dealer. Please contact Cambridge Capital Management Corporation at 1 604 484 8199 for all investment related questions.

Why invest in Cambridge?

Top 3 reasons:

  • Cambridge MIC has consistently outperformed investments in the stock market, and other interest-bearing instruments.
  • Just like people own mutual funds to participate in the growth of a pool of companies, owning shares in a MIC allows people to pool their funds to invest in a diversified portfolio of mortgages.
  • Adding a MIC to your investment mix is a great way to generate a consistent income stream, as well as diversify your investment portfolio. Cambridge MIC are RRSP, RRIF and TFSA eligible.

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